This is my first development experience using the GTK+ libraries. I chose in developing a graphic user interface (GUI) to access SQLITE databases.

This project has two main objectives: the first is really access SQLITE databases using a pleasant graphic interface and the second is to serve as example of using GTK+ libraries.

The project is on initial phase, but is already has fully functional, take a look on these screenshots:

[sendman@bagre sqlitegui]$ ./sqlitegui -h
usage: ./sqlitegui [-dfh] db
  -d   enable debug
  -f   open database
  -h   help

Main window

main window

Table window

table window

Row window

row window

Click here to download the latest source code.

$ tar xzvf sqlitegui.tgz
$ cd src
$ make


Fabio Silvestri
email: fabio@informatec.com.br
msn: sendmans@hotmail.com
icq: 1667351